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A badass Libertarian radio talkshow host.

Contrary to popular belief, Neal Boortz is not a Republican. He is often mistaken for one due to his general lack of sympathy for the impoverished and his frequent use of the word "liberal". He is, in fact, a Libertarian, which is the only true political party; the other political parties are pick-and-choosers that become easily mired with propaganda, name-calling, or idiotic non-issues like gay marriage. Boortz is just as likely to rag on stupid Republicans as he is on stupid Democrats.

Neal Boortz reviews the news every day with accuracy, then gives his opinion on the stories with contagious gusto. Doing this helps him to avoid a "slant" which is the buzz word of partisan freaks everywhere. He is usually backed by a guy that calls in every day from Capitol Hill, and he humbly accepts the other side of his arguments, usually provided by Royal and Belinda. He is also good about opening the phone lines and he will talk about anything with his callers from motorcycles and breasts to race and poverty.

One of his big hot-buttons is the so-called "Fair Tax Act". I haven't read the book that he has published on it yet, but many people have, and most of them seem to love it. But most people do love a book that suggests that the IRS be disestablished. I know I would.

All in all, a pretty likable guy that I listen to every day if I can. I wouldn't be sad if he was in the White House.
I was listening to Neal Boortz today. Most of the people who called in agree with his perspective. Those that didn't were disarmed with facts before they finished stating their little "opinions".
by One Half January 27, 2006
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