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A slang word for Methamphetamines, or Crystal Meth as it is more commonly known. Nazi Dope is reportedly a much purer form of Meth than usual, however this is not related to the name in any way. The name refers to the original drug of Meth combined with Caffeine, originally created by German scientists during World War II to increase the endurance of their soldiers. Since however the Caffeine element of this War drug has been removed, and the name has stuck.
Nazi Dope Crystal meth ice crank tina
by Depo1 September 10, 2010
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Nazi dope is a very pure form of crystal meth. In some cases it doesn't smoke well requiring the user to snort (inhale nasally) or inject it. The Nazi in Nazi dope refers to two things. First when you are high on it you have extreme hallucinations, sometimes seeing members of military and/or law enforcement coming to kill or incarcerate you. Second it can be as cruel as a Nazi meaning that it is a very intense high.
This isn't any of that bunk shit, this is nazi dope.
by Zee Jay April 18, 2006
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