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Loves to dance very attractive all the boys want her she loves her bestfriends and she funny,lit,and turnt
Michael :”who is that ”
King:”That’s Nazaria she is beautiful ”
Michael:”I bet any boy she date they are very lucky”
by Barbiebixch November 05, 2017
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An all around awesome friend. Says she'll do dirty things, but really won't until college. Really good looking, wears some revealing clothes.
Dude, you see that girl over there?

DAMN, that's a Nazaria Bro!
by NazariasBestFriend January 05, 2013
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A very beautiful female. Has respect for herself and others but has tendencies to get mad quickly. Shes not too easy to fo anything. She respect herself and who ever she falls in love with is the most luckiest guy ever .
Guy 1:"Wow i've never seen Somthing so gorgeous in my life"

Guy2: "They say her names Nazaria , pretty rare name ."

Guy1: "Pretty rare female"

Guy2: "No doubt about that"
by Nuh-zoh-ree-uh December 23, 2016
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