To nap in between text messages
Dude naxting is the best, i can talk to people and nap at the same time
by Kiler569253 June 25, 2011
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The act of a parent sending one or more text messages to their kid as a "reminder" or "suggestion" of something the kid needs to do (possibly being construed by the kid as "nagging").
"My mom is naxting me again about getting that job application turned in"
by dianaxter November 11, 2011
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1. a word that expresses a feeling of disgust or rejection, similar to “nah” or “next”.

2. a response for when someone says some dumb shit and they really just can’t hang.
1. “Yo this shit 50 problems”
Naxt, I ain’t doin that shit, fuck outta here
2. Person 1: “Sometimes I just be thinking like what if I was born as a cockroach. That shit would be mad lit”. Person 2: “Boi what. You on some dumb shit, nigga naxt.
by lmeboi December 22, 2017
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