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An incredible online MMOTSG(Massively Multiplayer Online Tactics Simulation Game) by SD Enternet. In it, opposing fleets of realistic WWII ships battle each other for supremacy. Up to 128 players can be in each battle, in teams of up to 64.

"Be prepared to experience intense naval battles against large teams of real opponents from across the globe. To help you on your quest to be the ultimate commander of the sea, almost 100 different WWII era naval vessels are available to use. Start with a humble frigate as you gain experience and points for superior classes of ships including: destroyers, battle cruisers, and aircraft carriers. Each model reproduced in painstaking detail. Equip your vessel with a massive selection of historically accurate naval guns, torpedo launchers, Fire Control Systems, engines, and armor."
Typical game room chat in Navyfield:
Impatient Gamer 1: "Host, GO!"
Impatient Gamer 2: "GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!"
Host:"One more CV and one more BB, then we go."
Guy in need of stuff:"WTB lvl 56 KM Gunner"
Awed Noob who is about to get owned:"How long did it take to get that battleship?"
Bored guy with battleship:"6 months"
by Zebrian November 28, 2009
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A massively multiplayer online strategy and tactics game, with the promise of being free to play. Sure it starts off free, but before long it become apparent that the only way to excell in the game is to pump massive amounts of cash into ur crew to "BVE" them making it one of the most expensive free games I have ever played. however a good level of competition and teamwok can occaisionaly be found bringing you back to the game quite often.

A number of different game rooms can be found. starting with training missions and new player rooms to great battle where all ships classes can enter (with limits to numbers per room) and harbour assaults where fleets can battle for one of the four harbours turning profit to gain rental ships.

ship classes start as a nuetral frigate after level 12 u can assign your crew to one of 4 nations UK, US, KM, and IJN. each having qualities and quirks. ship classes range from frigates, destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battle cruisers, battleships, carriers and of course subs. Team work is the key to victory in game so a good fleet is almost essential

ships in harbor look awsome but the 2D graphics in game are somewhat... however game play can help u look past the 2D sprites.
Navyfield is the most expensive free game I have ever played!
by bop@urban January 10, 2010
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