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The most addictive form of nature one can experience. Exposure to NatureCrack can happen in the forest, desert, mountains, or on a river.

Produces an effect similar to that of crack cocaine, with feelings of euphoria, exhilaration, and supreme confidence. The intensity of NatureCrack will often result in a naturegasm.

Prolonged exposure may result in the excessive use of z's at the end of words.

Most commonly used by the University of Cincinnati Mountaineering Club to describe their weekend activities.
"Sometimes I worry that my NatureCrack habit affects my personal life, but then I realize that trees are so much better than my girlfriend."

"Yeah man, we went climbing at the Red. Got into some sick NatureCrack. It was awesome. Fo' realzz."

"I heard that all the UCMCers are on NatureCrack."
by UCmountaineer July 02, 2012
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