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The Natty to Slampiece Ration (NSR) is the mathematical law defining the fixed ratio of Nattys to Slampieces in a given area at any given time, per 1 Bro. When N= natty and S= slampiece, the ratio is as follows: S>N.

For instance, if there is 1 Natty, before the Natty can be consumed, there must be at least one slampiece in close proximity to that natty. This law is closely related to the Bro to Slampiece Ratio (BSR) and the Natty to Bro Ratio (NBR).
Bro 1 and Bro 2 are talking on the phone.

Bro 1: Bro, i've got a real problem. I was about to pound a six-pack of Natty here but then i realized- I only have 5 slampieces! My Natty to Slampiece Ratio is totally unchill, bro! Can you help a bro out, bro?

Bro 2: Absbrolutely, bro. I'll be right over. It just so happens I've got an extra slampiece right here.

Bro 1: Thanks bro. You're the best bro a bro could ask for.
by E. R. Smith November 05, 2010
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