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1. A blended beer beverage first poured by Eric Curry in Midvale, Utah after he was visited by an angel who revealed the formula: a holy union of light and ice. One part Natural Light and one part Natural Ice.

2. A synthetic urine used medically as a maintenance anti-addictive for patients hooked on drinking their own piss or the liquid waste secretions of other animals.

3. An order of wingless insects that inhabit the patchouli drenched dreads of hippies and rastafarians.
1. I was pounding Natty Lice and the next thing I knew I woke up to the heiferious snores of that hot chick's fat friend.

2. I couldn't stop drinking my own piss so my doctor prescribed Natty Lice three times daily before meals.

3. I took a shower for the first time in ages, and, as soon as the water hit my hair, i heard the screeches of a multitude of natty lice.
by averywellspokengentleman September 23, 2008
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