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Verb; To break something beyond recognition in the name of improvement, allowing the broken object to clutter up your home surrounded by other similar objects in equally horrific states of disrepair.
You know that new Celica Joe bought? He's only gone and Nattrassed it!
by WilloPMcdonagh September 26, 2010
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Nattrass is a word commonly used to describe an unsavoury charactor. If someone is a nattrass they are usually a lying, self obsessed, two faced nasty troll with no friends. Nattrasses have very short memorys when it comes to past mistakes and prey on the weak and vunerable. Beware if you should ever meet one. Keep your distance but remember. A nattrass is usually a person with a distinct lack of social skills, brains, friends and morals
Whoa did you see that girl in the mall. she went to my high school she is a right nattrass. I cant believe you were friends with that ho anyway. She was being a right nattrass with you dude! She has more storys than a book store
by Ash19 July 19, 2010
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