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Let me list everything a nataya has

Nataya Is a caring person who will be nice to you even if your not that nice most people probably don't deserve

nataya's patience kindness and honesty

Nataya is a very active person she could play Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, VollyBall, Golf, HorseRacing, Softball, Olympic Competitor like a figure skater, Motorsport, Ice hockey, and ball hockey if you meet a nataya i guarantee they will be playing one of these sports.

Nataya is a beautiful girl so many people would want to date her nataya's need to acknowledge that those
people are not worth there time Nataya is not very street smart and with her optimism she won't
expect it someone like that but i am sure that one day she will.

Oh course no one is a angel many say people like nataya are but not everyone is perfect

Nataya can be Obnoxious and might beg you for something or it seems Nataya is a spontanus person

and very quite energetic which to the wrong person could drive them crazy.

If you know a Nataya you one of the most luckiest people alive they are rare to find and probably the human that
is almost as angelic as a angel.
Did you see that (Insert name here) Playing soccer last night?
she was like a Nataya!

#Soccer Rules #Sports!
by xXNarutoBoy101Xx January 19, 2018
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Enthusiastic. A well minded person. Usually know as a haspanic person. A passionate, loving, sarcastic, and easy-going person. That may mean harm to others.
Wow did you see her boxing match? She did it like a nataya
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