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an amazing strong, woman, who if she has to can stick up for herself. she's loyal, loving, sweet and caring, she to the world is very beautiful. but not to herself. she's her own person, she may be loud, and obnoxious, but she's meant to be fun, exciting, and entertaining. she loves the world and nature. she's the one of any mans dreams.. she loves to be in charge. but she knows what she wants!
by yours truely - N/A May 11, 2010
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This girl is stunning. She's intelligent, beautiful, and completely charming. Natacia's will always think lowly of themselves no matter how gorgeous they really are. Any guy is lucky to be friends with her and if Natacia's are mistreated you better watch your back. Natacia's have the strongest friends who will stick up for them. They are loyal, honest, kind people and, are a one of a kind person that you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Many Natacia's sing Disney tunes while working which is also an amazing addition.
"Wow look at her! No wonder her names natacia!"

"She's so pretty, she must be a natacia!"
by Giraffes2112 May 30, 2017
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