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pronounced with the same 'A' sound as 'flawless" nataas is a word that went around the longhair/hardcore/extreme community in the early/mid-nineties, and it was used to explain an action or activity that went beyond "rad" or "awesome" or even "extreme". It was used primarily in our group to portray something that was beyond "normal" extreme behavior,like when you watch someone do something that makes you wonder what is wrong in their head, things that border on just plain idiotic, things that make you go "HOLY SH*T!!!", things that you think you have the b*lls to do, but you aren't sure if you want to try and find out...
well, if you have seen JACKASS 2, when Steve-o and Pontius go HUMAN SHARK FISHING, and Steve-o puts that LARGE hook thru his cheek, (with the help of Pontius)--THAT was NATAAS!! When Deegan and his crew (Metal Mulisha) pull off their double back flips, that is NATAAS!! Get the picture?
by Pinner July 27, 2007
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