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Naro is a name of a guy. There’s only ONE Naro in this world. King of sarcasm, kinda cute (KINDA). Actually really sweet but doesnt want to show it. Really smart, knows 6 languages, plays guitar and piano really well, a fine football player, bad at bowling..
GREAT HAIR, (still not better than Mariam’s). Don’t really wanna talk about how he looks, let’s just say - he’s a nice looking guy.
Naro is a really cute guy who sometimes acts like an idiot
by mmariam June 27, 2018
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Non Ass Raping Organization (NARO) Clandestine military organization formed in 2003 to prevent unwanted sexual hazing of its members. Ironically, the organization uses reciprocal sexual assault that often reaches bizarre and unusual levels to punish perpetrators.
by Commodore S. Cheese October 21, 2006
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