Narnie is a game where people fight in an School.
Im playing Narnie today and im getting a surgery in the nebenraum.
by GermanDictionarys December 11, 2021
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A descrete and cute name for a womans unit, derives from the word panani.
Mufter, Unit, Hole, Tuna Fish, Flappers
by KrazyKim May 30, 2005
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To describe a person who is creepy, a person who is unclean and possibly a beggar.
What a Narnie
by therearenarniesinottawa December 7, 2011
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A narni is an amicable person who shares a space of Narnia with you.
"Dang that chick is hot!" "Hey! Don't talk about her like that, she's my Narni!"
by Lil rik February 4, 2014
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