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1. A magical medical condition in which one or more Nargles fly into your head through one of your ears and make your brain all fuzzy. May be avoided by wearing spektrospecs, which allow you to see the Nargles, or by stuffing ears with mashed up gurdyroots.

2. That moment when you've started talking to someone but realize that they can't hear you.
1. Luna Lovegood studied long and hard for her OWL in Divination weeks in advance, but when exam time came around, she suffered from a severe case of Narglephipsia and was unable to read the already cloudy crystal ball

2. Last week I ran into Professor Sprout in the grocery store, but she was so deeply enraptured with finding the freshest celery in the produce refrigerator that she didn't hear me when I boisterously greeted her and asked her about her day.
by School of Witchcraf November 15, 2010
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