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Narcalunt possibly a Noun. Also possibly, but highly doubtful, was Derived from the Ancient Greek slang word 'narcal'...used to describe a feeling of being 'as tired as Goliath'. Also pertaining to and meshing with the highly used word cunt and the term narcolepsy..narcolepsy is a condition where upon the affected person of such a condition can and will at random fall asleep or into a sleep like hypnotic trance. The word 'cunt'. Meaning 'cunt'. Has long been used to describe the female genitalia.... But more often than not is directed in an aggressive manner toward a disliked person..... Unless u are an Australian, in which case it can be used to describe your best friend or enemy.... Or almost anything for that matter.

The perfect blend of these two words has been used by extremely clever people to describe a cunt that falls asleep at random times of the day, or into an unwillingly fatigued hypnotic state.

Narcalunty. Old Australian slang dating back to and possibly caused by the discovery of the west end draught tinny. Used heavily in places such as Salisbury North in southern Australia to describe the feeling of a narcalunt upon waking in some random street in broad daylight after an episode of narcaluntsy.
"Faaaarkin hellll!.... I was texting Sharon and just tripped arse up over this narcalunt in the middle of the sidewalk!"
by The blueprint May 30, 2015
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