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Nipple action. When it's really chilly outside and your nipples get hard. This is used in warning friends in large groups of people so direct attention is not brought to their nipples.So much better than screaming out that her nipples are showing.
Girl #1: this party is awesome! So many people! Woah... Hey Clarissa, you've got some serious naption going on; you better fix that before anyone sees!

Clarissa: Oh wow, didn't even know! Thank you sooo much; that would have been so embarrassing!!

Volleyball player 1: Hey so this gym is absolutely freezing! Let me know if I have any naption, because these jersey's really show it!

Volleyball player 2: Yea I know what you mean! You've got a little nation, but it's not too bad.
by Lemonaid21 May 27, 2012
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