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A particularly large, overly religious, woman, with bird like features (I.E. a nose like a beak and an irritating squawk of a voice). She makes it her personal duty to guard all of the napkins in the high school lunch room like a prison camp. If you take more than one she WILL bite off you hand.

If given a bill higher than a 5 to pay for lunch she will reject it saying you're far too rich and that she is not, in fact, "a bank".

The Napkin Nazi will not hesitate to yelling profanity at students and/or staff, including, but not limited to: The Dean of Students, Teachers, and ESL kids.

If confronted by the napkin nazi, play dead. Like a bear she will leave you alone if she believes you to be deceased.
Kid takes a napkin.
Napkin Nazi: "You only need one! Only take one!"

Kid: Here you go.
Napkin Nazi: A ten, what am I a bank? You kids are too rich!"

Napkin Nazi under her breathe: F**k you.
Kid: Dude she just cursed off the Dean!
Dean: She did what?!
by A loving fan... May 08, 2006
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