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Have you heard how good she sang the nanthem at the nhl game between the oilers and kings?
Don't you mean naanthumbs!
Ya if you call the Canadian anthem yours and abide by your dual american canadian citizenship.
What do they call you folk anywho?
North americans.
No i mean a dual citizen.
Oh we're flying spiegels.
More like flattering snow eagels.
Or Amerdien.
Hows Canamers.
Lets settle on beaver boxes meets a groundhog igloo hibernating sexual harrasment hybrid polerizzly bear.
Or how about beagels. Beaver and eagel.
How bout bald megals.
Ya we are self centered and vain, but its everyman for himself, in this lay say fair adam smithonomics culture.
Cutthroat biz in the arms dealer business.
Glad we could force forces upon their budget.
Ya they need to catch up to our military spening.
Isnt at minimum 1% of the GDP allocated to defence.
Ya the canadians are slackin on their pimpin in defence spending.
They sure will enjoy the boatload of F18 fighter jets that we sole them for 300 million.
Isnt it funny that they doubled the cost of the production run by imposing a tariff on the product.
So its costing us another 300 million to stay in the business or defence togther.
Worth it though.
Long live democracy!
Free market!
Logistically wouldnt opening up the NAFTA to europe an asia mean more biz?
Yeah when they finally get free trade as a service FTAAS or FAAS trade, modeled after the utility industry, then it will level the playing field
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