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Literally means "a tiny or tight vagina." Can also refer to a coward (i.e. a little pussy), a foreigner from the Middle East (derogatory), or someone with a very clean room.
Example 1:
Gynecologist 1: Wow! She has such a tiny vagina!
Gynecologist 2: Yeah, it's definitely a nanogine. She must do kegels once a day.

Example 2:
Guy: Stop being such a nanogine and drink the Robitussin...

Example 3:
Racist: That dirty nanogine needs to go back to wherever he came from. I bet he's one of those damn terrorists.

Example 4:
Johnny: I cleaned my room! Can I go over to Mike's house?
Mom: Sure honey! It makes me so proud that you're such a good little nanogine!
by Helel June 12, 2014
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