Nanar is the most beautiful girl in the world. No joke. She can light up the whole world with just a smile. Cool, popular and crazy smart, she is constantly being chased by boys who are jealous of her boyfriend. Nanar is also a party girl, and can be the life of the party whenever she wants to, being loud, funny and silly. Nanar can always make you smile and laugh, no matter what you are feeling like. If you manage attract Nanar, you're beyond privileged, because she will be the best girlfriend anyone can ask for. If found by the right person, Nanar will be the most loyal, naughty, and comforting person towards them.
Why are all the boys chasing Nanar.

Boy 1: Hey dude, i think Nanar likes me.
Boy 2: No way, thats impossible!
by IfYouKnowItYouKnowIt March 18, 2019
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