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A Youtube channel, created by the talented, and creative, Canadian named Shawna Howson, thats videos consist of vlogs and entertaining skits. Shawna won the "Who Inspires U" contest, choosing the Youtube community as her inspiration, and won a prize of $10,000. She will be publishing a book in late 2009 entitled "Insomniatic Dreams". Shawna also is one of four members of Vlogvetica, a Youtube collaboration between Shawna, Dan Brown (pogobat), Mitchell Davis (livelavalive), Catherine Valdes (catrific), and Tessa Violet (meekakitty).


Shawna also likes Snickers bars...
Person A: Did you see Nanalew's new video?!
Person B: No... What is a Nanalew?
Person A: Only one of THE BEST CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE... idiot...
by wwilliamm December 05, 2009
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