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"Naked Thursday!" is a weekly event when we as free-spirited, fun-loving people celebrate the freedom, power and beauty of the bodies that God gave us. It is designed to be liberating, stress-relieving, and borderline kinky. Recommended activities while celebrating "Naked Thursday!" include, but are not limited to dancing, singing, drinking, cleaning, facebooking, and fornicating.
I love the liberating feeling I get on Naked Thursday!
by Dean_o August 11, 2012
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On the forth day of each week people take their clothes off to celebrate... well anything; sexuality, liberation, expression, freedom, art, beauty the list goes on.

The use of snapchat has seen a resurgence of Naked Thursdays as young adults can take creative naked pics to send to all their friends knowing that the image will only be around for a few seconds. This has lead to a series of one-upmanship where each person tries to outdo their friend's efforts from the week before.
Takin a naked pic on a exercise bike at the gym would be a great Naked Thursday snap. It's certain to beat dat cantrell playing naked golf.
by KLICK-C June 30, 2014
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Naked: Without clothing
Thursday: That day before Friday and after Wednesday

Awesome fun naked pot luck of awesomeness!
We're going to Naked Thursday and it'll be a bitchin' good time!
by Dyenysus June 20, 2012
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