When children first become sexually active. such as playing doctor or hide the penis. no intercourse takes place and its generally harmless but a lesson none the less.
Whats playing naked drake? "we just licked butts and stuff." (beating ensues)
by Friend August 19, 2003
In the popular card game "Guillotine," playing naked (also known as playing/going nude) refers to a common house rule whereby the cards "Scarlet Pimpernel" and "Robespierre" are removed from the game. These two cards together are colloquially referred to as "The Skarlet Robes" and/or "The Pimp's Robes" (hence "playing naked" following their removal from play).

Because the specified action for both cards is to end the game prematurely, the overall intention of this house rule is to extend gameplay. While some players consider the inclusion of these cards one of the many strategic dynamics to consider, others can find the abrupt end to the action less enjoyable.
"Wow, playing that card is the only way you can beat me, lets do this next game playing naked."
by Beezneezy November 26, 2021