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Beyond BEAUTIFUL and Unique. Truly one of a kind. If you meet a "Najjlah" i gaurentee you will fall "head over heels" for her. Shes like a gift from god. Shes the most chill and laid back person you will ever meet. Shes intelligent but never tends to show it.And will always be there for you when you need someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on. Shes an amazing friend who keeps her secrets and promises which means u can always depend on her. She is adventurous and freaky. Never really minds trying out new things, she is just in it for the fun. Yes, she may be a bitc* but in all reality she is just stating straight facts and keeping it 100%.. Shes just that bitc*.Though she tends to say "i dont care" wayyy too often, she will always care. She gets attatched too easily. And always ends up putting too much trust into too many people. Shes been heart broken over a thousand times so shes scared. Scared of having all she ever wanted just taken away. In all honesty if you get her..keep her. She will be one of the best things that will ever happen to you. GET YOU A "NAJJLAH".
Boy 1: I think i like her..alot
Boy 2: dude you literally just met her
Boy 1: yeah. I know. But havent you heard of love at first sight
Boy 2: yeah that tends to happen when people come across Najjlah
by Imnottheone March 13, 2017
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