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A Nailple is a creature from Runescape that was created from the future quest "While Guthix Sleeps We Give Him Nipples". This is because Guthix does not have any nipples and as an adventurer you must make sure that he does. By using your construction and crafting skill you create nipple like structures and nail them on to Guthix's body. As you complete that quest another becomes available "Attack of the Nailples". In this quest the Nailples come alive and you must defeat them. This quest leads on to further quests such as "Revenge of the Nailples". To get an idea of their appearance they are nipples with nails in them. They currently live with the jerk in Zamoraks (ZamZam) GWD.
Richard fought the Nailple to the best of his abilities.
Mason cowers in fear as the Nailples come closer.
Adam covers his eyes as the Nailple inserts it's nail into his pocket and steals his wallet.
by Super Em March 12, 2013
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