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Is an Acolyte which studies the social and cultural characteristics of prehistoric Nagro tribes. A Nagrolyte would be involved in performing and preserving ancient Nagro rituals from all faucets of their existence. Many different branches of the field are still in practice today. Some branches include prehistoric migration patterns corresponding directly with mass mating habits, Pre-homo hibilis evolution, Serengeti Socioeconomic patterns, and Nagros vs Negros: Who has the dice game biattttchhh?!!!

See also: Acolyte, Nagro, Homo hibilis, Evoution, KFC, Grape cool-aid, Barter system, Holy !@#$ that's a lion!, super-dark skinnned negros are dangerous, Be my nigga not a my nigger, Cult like activity, Charles Manson.
"You'd think that nigga were a nagrolyte the way he eat dat chicken!"
"God damn nagrolytes have a club for rolling dice, ain't no brothers bring home the big shots"
"What the !@#$ you getting all exorcist up in this biatch?!"
by Chuckfrost September 06, 2011
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