When you clap someone’s cheeks in the break room and then proceed to dip
I’ma Nacho Dip your ass later....
by Yolo prime June 9, 2018
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When two dudes jack off to the Taco Bell Quesalupa commercial's close-up food shots with Patrick Stewart from Logan doing the voiceovers, and then they both finish into a Niquil measuring cup. After high-fiving, the two dudes dip their limp dicks into the combined cum, then they lick it off of each other. This is the most important part, though: afterwards, the two dudes must look each other dead in the eye and say "no homo" at the exact same moment. If this does not happen, this is no longer called the "Controlled" Nacho Cheese Dip and is now called the "Fucking Gay" Nacho Cheese Dip.
GUY 1: "Bro, I just performed the Controlled Nacho Cheese Dip with my friend!"
GUY 2: "Did you say no homo?!"
GUY 1: "I said it was controlled."
by png.mp3 April 25, 2018
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