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A person who is so good at everything he does but stays humble throughout. Nabays are people who will make you believe in luck because there is no way a regular person can achieve what they do.
Very kind, generous, and the combination between fun and wild at life. Do not take their kindness for a weakness, because these type of individuals do not have a soul deep down and you will 100% of the time end up on the shot end of the stick. When you try to take advantage of these people, they make you think their is nothing going on while fucking you over 100 more time. These people respond to kindness with kindness and to evil with a horrific catastrophe.
I like Nabay's pesonality.
Damn I fucked up I tried to fuck Nabay over and somehow I ended up in the middle of the desert with no food and no drink but only a computer so a can write this sentence.
Is Nabay really Human
by relaxitsurban March 22, 2017
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