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A small island north- north west of another small island which makes stuff using cheap labor which is later marked as 'made in the USA'.
Santa Clause once used Nabal to make toys, but he left and harrnessed elf power when he learned they work for free if you keep them locked away.
by A small nation owner September 26, 2005
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Nabal is a girls name. And this is the only way to spell it.

She is a really nice girl that has nice but annoying friends and she loves everyone who's nice to her but whoever is a jackass or a fucker infront of her, she automatically hates them. She defends her friends through everything and she is a very loyal and truthful person. Her friends call her mean sometimes and that can be true but only a little.
"That Nabal can be a great girl."
by A great person November 09, 2004
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