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The lowest form of life on a Nuclear Submarine. All men aspiring to get their Fish i.e. Dolphins (Warfare pin) start out as NUBs. Multiple meanings for NUBs include: Non Useful Body, Non useful bitch, or the newer gentler meaning "New Underway Buddy". NUB's do the bitch work on the Submarine and are constantly beraided and hated on by the qualified men, ultimately to test they're mettle and to see if they will break under pressure. Also its just fun to do :)
DIVE: Messanger!
NUB: Yes Dive?
DIVE: Go get a bucket of A1R and dont come back until you have it!
NUB: uhh...Yes dive! (Runs out to find a bucket)
(DIVE turns to the Planesmen and laughs)
PLANESMEN: hahaha fucking dumbest NUB on a sub!
by Derben October 04, 2012
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