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meaning No Root No Ride. Used by car enthuansists who decide to be macho enough to place such a nasty sticker at the rear window of their hotted up cars. Mainly used to pick up slutty chicks and hope to score a root off them in their car..Hardly seen around these days as these type of people now decide to place for sale stickers followed by their (prepaid) mobile numbers in order to get the opposite sex to call them so they can 'chat em up' and get a root out of it.
'mate did ya see that guy in the commo with the NRNR sticker??'
'yeah, watta toss!!'

Muzza - Hey chick, you see the sticker on my car
Chick - NRNR yeah i wonder what that means??
Muzza - Well, come inside and i'll show you!!
by Gee TRiLLeNiuM February 14, 2006
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Abbrevation in bidding terms for "No Reserve" which means: The winning bid will win the auction no matter what the end price is.
by Bruce Lee April 11, 2003
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