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Unwieldy acronym, viz., NOnThreatening Demeanor Of Personal Ease. Apparently it's early nineties-era HR-speak for the sort of gregarious businesslike attitude a company's more churlish employees should aspire to project. Also, prima facie, NOTDOPE connotes one who presents themself as like the antithesis of a dope fiend-type personality.
1. Steve R.'s contributions to several ongoing projects this quarter has been substandard due to his hostility towards his coworkers. He needs to work on his NOTDOPE or his employment will be terminated.

2. I was telling Jerome how everyone can tell he's still on the shit. How he can't just hide his constantly bloodshot eyes or fidgetiness or his often-disjointed and staccato monologuing. Dude should at least practice some NOTDOPE.
by rich addict December 03, 2006
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