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"Normal" in the English dictionary is "conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected", however, NORMVL is a state of mind and train of thought, based on the contrast and contradiction between what society deems to be "normal" and "weird", and basically renders the dictionary definitions of said words non-existent, because the "normal" and "weird" of each individual human varies on a small to enormous scale, what's "normal" to you may not be "normal" to the next person, same principle applies with "weird".
The idea of a set standard of "normal" as defined by society becomes nonsensical and the individual precedes society. The concept also serves as a sort of bridge between the varying semantics and syntax between cultures.
Dude 1: Yo man, don't you wanna maybe, boil those noodles? Eating them dry's kinda weird
Dude 2: Actually, I eat them like this all the time, it's NORMVL.
by Lwansta March 27, 2015
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