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NOCAYB (acronym for "No One Cares About Your Boner") is shorthand reminders of one of the true maxims of a polite interaction online: nobody cares about your boner. Typically deployed in situations where a party has unnecessarily brought up the attractiveness of a celebrity, or sexualized something or someone to an uncomfortable extent, bringing an unfortunate halt to normal, non-perverted conversation.
Dude 1: "Yo, man, that Anne Hathaway is a great actress."

Dude 2: "Yes, she is! She also has really nice feet. I want her to crush my balls like wine grapes."
Dude 1: "...Um, NOCAYB (No One Cares About Your Boner), Dude 2."
by AntiBannerThief June 21, 2018
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