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Abbreviated for "not like other girls". Someone who is NLOG is basically the female equivalent of a neck beard and believe that to make themselves better they need to take others down.
Guy: wow that girls wearing too much make-up
Girl: I would NEVER wear that much, or any at all! I believe in natural beauty unlike the rest of my gender :)))
Guy: take that NLOG bull shit somewhere else
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by Ayboiay February 16, 2018
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An acronym meaning "Not like other girls." and refers to women who think because they do things other women don't that they're better than those other women. In recent months it has become a popular term in the current meme culture of tagging groups on Facebook.
Girl 1: The date was going great until she started mentioning how reading and playing video games made her more superior to other girls who don't do that stuff.
Girl 2: Oh god you went on a date with a NLOG.
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