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Abbreviation for Neko In A Dress.
"Neko" is a well-known member of a prominent online community.
This abbreviation is commonly used for online polls in this online community of the World at War Forums.
What's better?

1. Coca Cola
2. Pepsi
by Muhamed Jihad August 23, 2006
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N.I.A.D stands for Not-Immediately-Apparent-Dynamic.

A term describing the phenomena in which systems have unintended effects or consequences due to micro-dynamics created through macro-decisions - often to a counterproductive effect.

These dynamics are present in many aspects of life, though often go ignored.
"Well, I fixed the big problem, but caused six smaller ones in the process." said Tom

"You should have thought through any possible N.I.A.D.'s of your actions before you made them." replied Jet
by J.L. of OR June 12, 2018
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