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NHL (National Hockey League)'ing
To play one of the various NHL video games on any of the various consoles that they are available on.
(NHL Slapshot, NHL 11, NHL 2K11, NHL 10, NHL 2K10, NHL 09, NHL 2K9, NHL 2K8, etc.
NHLing can be via XBOX Live, multi-player on one or more consoles in one or more households, or single player while the NPC people take bathroom breaks, cook food for the others, drink refreshments, or load up hookah bowls.
girlfriend: "Are you guys done with your hockey practice?"
boyfriend: "We're NHLing the sh-t outta each other"
girlfriend: "Oh okay. As long as the puck doesn't chip your teeth again."
boyfriend: "Wait What?"
girlfriend: "hehe just playing."
by bebeting August 22, 2010
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