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North Georgia College and State University. A military college that only cares about getting you contracted to get commissioned and will try to scare you out if you don't want to be in the Army. Will lie, distort the truth, and leave vital facts out to carry out their deeds. Say the put academics first but only care about closing your weekends to do stupid ceremonies when you have finals that week for example. Basically takes all the bad parts of the military out and leaves all the shit.
1. Cadet Sanders wants to be a Warrant Officer instead of a commissioned officer so MAJ Neikirk says this isn't the school for you kid! Cadet Jones on the other hand wants to be a Marine, so NGCSU send Cadet Shitbag to Airborne instead.

2. Finals are next week, so instead of studying NGCSU makes us participate in a bunch of bullshit events the entire weekend instead of study.

3. Instead of firing real weapons with live rounds we are gonna march around like idiots at NGCSU!
by MOUNTAIN!!! July 12, 2009
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