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Nigga Fuck You
This is typically said as a shorthand online or for people who want the same affect of the actual non abbreviated phrase, but don't want to get beat up by gangsters.
Jasey: Nice hat *laughs*
Bassam: NFY! I like my leopard print head garments!
by JaseyRae March 13, 2008
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Niggas for Years: When you want to express how you want to be good friends with someone for a while but don't want to promise your whole life, unlike BFFs. NFY have the same strength in their relationship as BFFs, but it may even be considered stronger because unlike BFFs they don't ignore the fact that theymight notbe acquainted for the rest of their conscious physical existence.
"Yo dawg, thanks for getting ma back the other day with that crazy ass bitch Shaniqua"
"Ya brah no problem, NFY"
by Paco Valdez April 24, 2014
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