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NFTY's (North American Federation of Temple Youth) Central West Region (CWR) encompassing Northern California, most of Nevada, Hawaii, and the Yangtze River Valley in China. Nicknamed "The Region of Love". Is known for the general lack of personal boundaries during regional events, and their mascot sCWRmy the sCWRl.
Jew #1: Hey, when's the next NFTY-CWR event?
Jew #2: What's NFTY-CWR?
Jew #1: NFTY-CWR stands for NFTY-Central West Region. Its one of NFTY's 19 regions.
Jew #3: The next event is in March. I don't know what I'm going to do until then. That's like almost 4 months from now. Why is the gap between Fallinter and Spring Conclave so large anyways?
by nftynerd January 22, 2017
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