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A Youtuber, who makes videos mainly about Godzilla and other giant monsters and top 10 lists. He has over half a million views, so he hasn't reached Youtube fame; yet.
"Yo, I need to know what the fastest man made object is!"
"Check NFSFilms on Youtube. He has a video on 20 Of The Fastest Man Made Objects."
"Okay, thanks."

"Shit how did Orga sound again?"
"One sec, checking NFSFilms video that has a large amount of Monster Roars."
"Ohh thats how its sounds!"

"Hey Charles, do we have to compile a list of 10 Great Military Commanders by tomorrow for Socials?"
"Yeah, right now I'm on NFSFilms youtube; he has two videos on the subject."
"That awesome! Link me?"
by The Mantis August 29, 2009
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