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1. A school where you learn how to dance, act, and blow a horn.
2. Crappy lunch.
3. Crappy people.
4. Makes you not be able to wait 'til you go to North Fort Myers High.
Person 1: So what do you do at NFMAA?
Person 2: You dance, act, and learn how to blow a horn.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Not that kind of horn.

Person 1: Man, this lunch sucks here at NFMAA!
Person 2: Yeah, fo'shizzle.
Person 1: Don't say that here.

Person 1: Ugh! I hate that girl.
Person 2: Yeah, she's soooo uber crappy.
Person 1: Yeah! There are so many crappy people at NFMAA!

Person 1: OHEMGEE! I seriously hate NFMAA! I want to go to N0RTH already!
Person 2: Yeah, forreal! I wanna go audition already.
by y0p4nic4+th3disc0l0v3R January 06, 2009
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