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A NETBITCH is a selfish, sorry ass significant other or friend who says to hell with waiting to watch a television show or movie with you by streaming it on Netflix or some other suitable media streaming service while you are either at work, away, or asleep, yet proceeds to lie to your face about it like a bitch when you ask to watch it with them.
Note that a full-on NETBITCH will fall asleep, act sick, or not show up to watch the media at the same time as you, as they know full well what happens already!

Husband: "Baby, do you want to watch "Breaking Bad" on Netflix whenever I get home?
Wife: "Oh, sweetheart, that would be great! Thats my favorite show, and I cant WAIT to watch it with you! I love you so much"

8 hours later.......after wife has finished watching the complete 5th season courtesy of NETFLIX

Husband: "Honey, you ready to watch "BREAKING BAD"?
Wife: "ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzzZZZZzzzz", as she fakes sleeping, yet has one eye partially open.
Husband: "What a fucking cheating ass "NETBITCH".
by Tatsun September 20, 2013
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