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crazy motherfuckers out that,they are willin to give their life to the one and only (hitler)as suicide bombers.
They are allied with WHITE POWER SOLDIERS and the aryan knights,and don't turn down race mixers for nothing

reason: its not the fault that race mixers are mixed with half a mongrel,all that matters is that,they are willing to fight for their other side and willing to kill their other side.Also,they say,the more members,the more power

NAZI WARLORDS claim that ALL so called ''full whites'' are just hypocrites that talk bad about non whites but DO have non white blood in them and don't want to tell or accept it.

they say,''there were many slaves trades throughout europe and the americas,there had to been some race mixing through out time since slavery was something for generations and generations and couldn't stop,many slvae womens were raped by whites so there you go

Also,did the white race always stayed white???? there had to been some race mixing in the white race so this white power crap is a bunch of bullshit

NAZI warlords are anti white power but use it as an excuse to recruit and brainwash and commit crimes

'if the idea of white supremacy really existed then why havn't whites taken the world over and made every non white a slave?? why are blacks,latinos etc succeeding???? shouldn't they be failing???
aren't they inferior and we are supreior
???? why are some whites failing and some blacks succeeding??? wheres the white power??

NAZI WARLODS use military training for violence like the NAZIS AND to get their message across
Also steroids to enhance muscle growth
WEAPON training:guns,rifiles,grenades,ropg's etc

NAZI WARLODS want to follow in the path of al qaeda and the original nazis in power and similar ideals

they accept alliences with arab nationalists as a way to take out the jews faster,they say

''the only way to take out our enemy is if we make an allience with an enemy of OUR enemy, without any alliences we won't get anything done'' thats why white supremacists fail to do what we want to accopmplish they turn down alliences whites alone won't be able to get the job finished ''

NAZI warlords fully accept the holocaust

''if the holocaust never happennd then how are we national socialists????
what was hitler doing for 12 years then???
what were his speeches about and why did he tell them out loud if the holocaust never happened????
why are skinheads (non belivers)tattooing swastikas,ss symbols,hitler????
by ricardo valentino jr March 05, 2009
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