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The two black girls and two white girls ( Chanelionaire, J.Fade, O.Patch, and DJ Goatballz) singers of " Its monday mofo", " Bloddy Pussy", " You think you know someone" and the big hit "Wait till you see my horse "
Although its a rap group its used in many different contexts its one of the well known words on the upper east side.

DeLatif:Damnn that girl is so hot Id say shes in the N.N.K.G----Tequan:yoo im gonna go pick up those girls N.N.K.G style----Laquan: i dont wanna boyfriend, im too good for men, Im all like N.N.K.G----Chanelionaire: N.N.K.G YOU KNOW

by heystupidhead May 16, 2007
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