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Neo-Darwinist Against Christians

A "club" made by Kris and Bressler in late 2006. It was made for supporters of Atheism and Darwinism. And although it says "against christains". This term really applies to eliminating narrow-mindedness and putting up arguements to debate religion in general. It is not only directed at chritians as it's ideology is really against any religion. Not the right to believe what you wish. But saying that it is just fiction, or false in N.D.A.C.'s opinion. Members have unofficial documents, rules, and also a base-camp on "N.D.A.C Hill".
N.D.A.C is a secret club associated with atheists. They are always trying to disprove the existance of any god and incourage evolution in any and all ways.
by Kris W June 03, 2007
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