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A person who constantly exhausts precious hours (sometimes days) of their lives on Myspace. This person has nothing better to do with their life, and therefore stays on Myspace for hours at a time, even when they are not communicating with anyone else. Usually while they aren't talking to anyone, they pleasure themselves by looking through thousands of profiles (most likely adding every single one), and occasionally by being nosey and reading other peoples comments. The saddest part about it, is that most of these people will deny their myspace-fiendishness in hopes that society will still think they're cool. Unfortunately, no we don't, you pathetic losers. =p....
Through Myspace comments...

Laura- yea its kinda sad i prolly have dreams about sittin on myspace... Damnit Tom!.... is Tom a real person?'re a Myspace Fiend...
by Clayt The Great April 12, 2008
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someone who is addicted to myspace, as if it were a drug.
him: yo im on myspace like everyday all day.
her: damn yo your a myspace fiend
by Jayla Ortiz December 06, 2008
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