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Often kids and people with no life who spend way too much time on the computer. They feel that myspace roleplaying is their way to escape real life and to have fake romances. Myspace roleplaying often leads to making more than one account and pretending to be alot of people at once.
Examples of how to piss off a myspace roleplayer.
1)Tell them one of their pictures has to be removed because an original artist has asked for them to. That way the myspace user can get big and bold telling the messenger "Your a backstabbing conniving little bitch, and your art fucking sucks"

2) Make an account and steal all of their hard edited work (which is actually artists work they've stolen, changed a few features and claims that character or the formed character as their own. Basically myspace roleplayers often a rip off another persons character.)
by Tenpou May 14, 2010
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