Thinking your so cool to be having a party at the weekend that you foolishly post a bulletin on Myspace stating anyone can come. The actual party then gets crashed by thousands of random people and your house gets trashed.
"omg the house is ruined! who turned up last night?"

"i don't know, its not my fault it turned into a Myspace Party!"
by TonyX December 9, 2008
The time durring a LAN Party in which people get bored of the games and log onto Myspace. Often followed by random comments and runs at the remaining food. Can also occur from people not having the game or having crappy computers.
"Dude, we've been playing CS:Source for like 5 hours, its time for a Myspace Party!"
by Xantitide August 7, 2006
when i sit on myspace for 4 hours while listening to hollywood undead and get drunk from smirnoffs
DuDe I hAvE lYkE nO lYfE sO iM gOiNg To HaVe A mYsPaCE pArTyyyyyy AnD geTsss HeLlZa DrUnK. LOLZZZ OMFG lolz
by xxstupidscenechickxx January 16, 2007